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Are Big Box Stores Better Than Local Shops

Our lifestyle has changed exponentially over the past one hundred years. What was once a three day trip to the nearest city for supplies has turned into a choice of stores just around the corner. From smaller shops to big box stores, if you can dream it… you can buy it. This has led to a grueling competition amongst each other as they vie for consumer attention. We tend to shop at stores that are nearby, offer cost efficiency and have the items we need. Local markets and shops used to be the only contenders until Big Box stores moved into the neighborhood.

Big Box Stores and Local Stores

When Big box Stores came to town, there was a dividing opinion among the masses. Some displayed loyalty to the smaller businesses while others welcomed the opportunity for more options at a better price point. Boutiques, mom and pop businesses and smaller retail outfits were in danger of closing their doors knowing they could not compete. Customers had a choice to make which resulted in what some would call the survival of the fittest for stores.

Stores Coexisting

After the newness wore off, several consumers saw the Big Box mentality and preferred the home comforts of the smaller retailers. The quality versus quantity process brought customers back into the neighborhood style of shopping. Big Box branched into its own tier groups with the quality of goods they sell. Discount box shops offered deals, yet most found the value to not be worth the grade of goods. In the middle, you will find stores such as Target and Kohls. They do not offer the crème del a crème of items, however they do hold higher standards of their products. Unfortunately, the newer and less established stores could not continue on leaving the regions to coexist with the shops who made it through.

Shopping the Stores

Local stores, chains and Big Box retailers found ways to continue driving both popularity and business. Smaller shops saw an opening as the competition became comfortable with their hook status. They tried to lower their overhead at the cost of customer service leaving them vulnerable for local spots to offer exceptional perks to even out the playing field. Technology helped them as they stayed competitive in the neighborhood arena. Online shopping and downloadable coupons brought an interesting component to the scene. Shipping, curbside accessibility and in some cities, delivery service are a few of the amenities you may find.  

The Shopping Results

The brand or label on your shopping bag is a personal choice. As a consumer, yours is the voice that needs to be heard. Setting guidelines for your own shopping ideals will lead you to the best choice for you and your family. Are Box stores better than the local varieties? When the percentages and polls settled, it has been determined that neither side of the shopping line is winning or losing. The retail world has learned it is not only a savings that will retain customers…. it is impeccable service and products that will ultimately win the race.

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