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Five Products That Can Be Found All Over the World – Part 1

Think of all the different markets, supermarkets, corner and department stores around the world selling different brands and goods that are particular to their country. The number of different items runs into the millions, but there are a few consumable ones that you can find literally everywhere. In this blog we uncover five everyday products that you will find anywhere you go, from the deepest part of Africa to the beaches of Thailand. And when you get home and visit your favorite convenience store, you will find them stacked up high on the shelves, or waiting to be plucked from refrigerator cabinets.

It is amazing that these five products have spread their wings so far and wide, and in some areas, they are manufactured locally under strict guidelines, yet in other places they are imported from the nearest manufacturing hub. Although our list is not official, it does highlight the most definitive top five that comes from our research.

Coca Cola

FIFA tour with Coca-Cola

This soda all over the world is often referred to as Coke, and the red label is instantly recognizable along with the classic bottle shape. After water the second most favorite drink in the world is tea, but there are so many brands of tea that are consumed, no one particular brand is the definitive majority.  Countries around the globe all have their own favorite soft drink but none is globally as popular than Coca Cola. No matter where in the world you happen to be, if you utter the words Coca Cola, then you will be served the refreshing black drink. There is no other drink in the world that is as instantly famous as the beloved Coke, everybody knows its name and is familiar how it tastes.

Laughing Cow Cheese

Many countries around the world do not have cheese as part of their regular diet; in particular, regions of Southeast Asia spring to mind. However, in stores all over the world you can find the familiar round packaging of Laughing Cow Cheese. The famous face of the joyous animal staring back at you is one of the most famous logos in the world. As a processed product it has a long shelf life in a refrigerator, and this is one of the reasons many stores select to stock it.

Even in France, where they have more types of cheeses than just about anything else, you can still find Laughing Cow cheese alongside the finest French dairy products. The question is why? Perhaps it is the fun packaging that attracts people? Or the handy individually wrapped triangles? Or that it actually tastes really good? Whatever the answer, there is no denying how popular this cheese actually is in a great variety of countries, and fans just love the soft and gooey stuff.

In part two of our blog we look at three more products that are readily accessible all around the world. One is an alcoholic beverage, and one is a snack to munch on. The third is an invigorating drink that can be consumed morning, day or night.

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