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Five Products That Can Be Found All Over the World – Part 2

Continuing our global journey to see what five products are readily available on all five continents, we look at three more famous brand names that are available in stores from Ethiopia to Peru, and everywhere in between. In part one we focused on Coca Cola and Laughing Cow cheese, but we start this particular blog with coffee.


In part one we saw that water is the most popular drink in the world, closely followed by tea. Because of how many different brands and blends of tea there are all over the world, no one particular brand made our list. But this is different with coffee, as Nescafe rules the roost. It is true that coffee has as many different brands as tea, but there is one defining factor between the two drinks and that is freeze dry instant coffee, it is a great way of preserving the drink. That is why you can see sachets and jars of Nescafe virtually everywhere.

Nescafe have taken their own particular brand of coffee to the very ultimate limits of distribution. They provide handy individual sachets for travelers, or readymade cans that can be placed in a refrigerator to give a cool refreshing drink that is loved in tropical countries.


Do you ever crave for a midnight snack? Or when watching your favorite soccer team playing on the TV, what is the first thing you make a grab for? Most people would probably say the potato chip, and the world’s most famous brand by far is Pringles. Part of its attraction is that in different countries the popular snack is available in so many flavors. You can find masala one or even spicy hot tamale, together with firm global favorites of original, cheese and sour cream. The handy resealable tube means that you can snack and then come back to your tasty treat at a later date.

But perhaps it the smaller tubes that have made Pringles so popular, the potato chip now can be stowed away easily in handbags and coat pockets and is still relatively cheap, so you can take them with you anywhere and just flip the lid.


Every country that makes alcohol, brews their own beer. And if you ask a beer lover what is one of the best things about traveling, his response may be to try the different beers of the world. There are numerous types and ways of brewing beer, from bottom fermentation lagers to very alcohol packed fruit ones. Then there is Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world. The reason this Danish beer is so popular is that it is consistent. Beer drinkers that open a bottle of Carlsberg in Miami taste the same beer as those that open one in Moscow.

And beer lovers that are particular in what they drink, will pay a premium for a satisfying swig of their favorite lager. That is why there is a demand for this beer all over the world, and Carlsberg can be found in bars and liqueur stores in the four corners of the world.

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