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Online Shopping

Since 1995 a new form of shopping has emerged that has threatened the traditional methods that every household has been practicing for years and that is on-line shopping. This was the year that both Amazon and e-bay were founded, and now people had the opportunity to sit at home and use the world-wide-web to do all of their purchasing. Amazon today is the largest online retail site in the world. It was founded in Seattle by Jeff Bezos and started out by just selling books. The success that the company has had in selling books has increased massively since introducing the kindle in 2007. It is now the largest book store in the world and there over 6 million books available for its customers.

Amazon, the largest book store in the world

As time has passed it has branched out to selling everything that can be found when shopping in today’s top shopping areas. For most people there is more choice available on Amazon than there is in the local city shopping mall. The order is made and paid for on-line and then the purchase is delivered to the buyer’s home. The company has become so successful that it has even branched out to purchasing its own “bricks and mortar” stores.

E bay is slightly different from Amazon but just as successful. Created in the same year by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose it is an on line auction house. People are able to buy and sell goods on line by bidding for them. There is a set time frame when the biddings close and the company take 10% of what the sellers receive. The site is a success as it combines both new and second hand products. People see it as a way that they can be financially rewarded for shopping on line. Its success has been followed by its other companies doing well including PayPal and Craigslist.

A Tesco delivery van

The boom in online shopping sites being successful has seen the major retail outlets introduce on line shopping for those people who are unable to visit their stores. People can now simply log on then the company’s web site and then do their shopping direct from their own home. Some companies now get more business from their on-line operations than they do from their “bricks and mortar” shops. “Start Fitness” have two stores in the north east of England yet they are hugely popular over the country for their sports shoes and clothing and get far more trade from their on-line operations.

The on-line business has become even more popular among supermarkets. Tesco have an ion line delivery service as does Sainsbury’s. People can choose their products from home, even picking their favorite brand with the shopping being delivered to their door.

There has even been the creation of Ocado which is an online supermarket, and although it is tied to Waitrose, it still has many of its own products. It operates from a warehouse and its operational services have become so large that it even makes deliveries for the national Supermarket chain Morrisons. The emergence of on-line shopping has not really made a huge impact on the traditional supermarket stores. People, like the elderly, find the service useful but the majority of shoppers prefer to visit the stores. A lot of food shoppers actually like to see what they are buying as they can pick and choose the produce.

On line shopping is a popular way of making purchases especially if people do not have the time to go shopping. It will never totally replace shops and stores as people actually use shopping as a strange form of leisure activity. The experience of visiting different stores to compare their goods is enjoyed by many.

This is made even more enjoyable by the fact that the modern day mall is also home to some of the finest dining establishments and coffee houses. Going shopping can be a pleasant experience that will never be totally replaced by shopping on line.

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