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The Designer Stores

The designer stores reflect the size and potential affluence of a shopping area. The term designer store implies that the contents of the store are going to be of the highest quality and those people who choose to shop in these store going to be prepared to pay a healthy amount of money in order to purchase their selected goods.

Many of these designer stores will also have departments in the larger department stores. For example Harrods will have several areas put a side for the top designers to sell their products. There are other designer department stores such as Dover Street Market in Mayfair, which is store that just sells products from the most exclusive designers.

Dover Street Market

There are also certain streets in the capital that are famous for certain style of cloths. Saville Row in Mayfair is known around the world for the quality of the tailors that have their businesses there. All of the top men’s tailors are located in the area and anyone who wants to purchase the highest quality suit will head towards this part of London.

Bond Street is another destination that people who are followers of fashion like to head to. Ralph Loren Courtier and Jimmy Choo all have their flagship stores in this part of the capital and it is also home to many famous and popular boutiques.

The beauty of designer stores is that the some are more exclusive than others. Next stores are labelled as a fashion store and they have now become the UKs leading clothing retailer. There are over 700 stores of which 500 are located in the UK and this means that the vast majority of people who are looking for something fashionable to wear will visit a Next store.

This success and popularity however does little to press its claims as being a major designer label. Too many people can now afford their clothes for the company to be given that title. For a brand to be given the title of designer label than the cost of the items must be out of reach for the majority of people, so giving it a feel of exclusivity.

Next, the designer label for the masses

This is certainly the case with Versace. The Italian company has its main store in Sloan Square plus it has departments in Harrods and Harvey Nicholls. It is famed for its colorful outfits, plus its jeans and leather collection. The cost of its designs are not cheap, but its new collections are always being promoted on the catwalks of all of the leading fashion shows in the world.

There is now a trend where many of the designer stores are locating in other parts of England as well as London. This has come at the same time as the country is experiencing a more even spread of wealth. Cities like Manchester and Leeds are now being targeted by the leading fashion houses to locate their produce.

Harvey Nicholls now has branches in Leeds, Birmingham Bristol Manchester and Edinburgh. These outlets store the same designer labels that they do in London, and well as clothing this also applies to other items such as perfume and jewelry.

The designer stores are those just beyond the department stores. They do not attract the same numbers of customers, but the people who visit them are generally capable of spending a great deal of money. As societies become more affluent the numbers of designer stores increase in numbers.

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