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The New Face of Storefronts

There is a new frontier on the shopping block that has caused companies to reevaluate their instore practices.

The convenience of online shopping offers customers a second option to obtain an array of everyday household items. Consumers are progressing to an online presence leaving stores to compete for their business. Taking a look at the shopping days of old, the biggest competition in town were the stores that were right next door. Sales practices, store policies and overall operations have evolved with the times lending a new perception for consumers.

Sales from Long Ago Versus Now

Walking into a store long ago meant you were a VIP shopper. Salesmen offered to help you while gladly escorting you through your choices. They dressed to impress and treated customers with a friendly demeanor. Many stores rewarded their associates with bonuses and commission incentives. There are still commission opportunities at some stores, however a few of the bigger chain developments have taken an opposite path of salesmanship. With sales teetering for instore choices, retailers have cut costs to make up the difference. In addition to consumers finding alternate shopping avenues, there is also the matter of external fiscal factors.

Shipping and manufacturing costs often become inflated causing a rise in the prices we see on the shelves. With pending costs, lost sales and an open market, there has been a wide decline in salesmanship among an average of mid-tier level stores. It was common to joke about the pestering sales staff at the store which has changed to not being able to find help at all. As retailers continue to push online goods, it has perhaps given less attention to the physical locations of their stores. We are seeing lower wages, less staff and most importantly a reduction in follow through.

Has this changed the Merchandise?

In lieu of relying on local vendors, there are many stores who outsource their manufacturing for economical purposes. This can result in merchandise that is not the quality made product you hope for. Higher end retailers maintain a posh effort to the continuity of their sales and saleable items. They have a brand to uphold which is costlier than their counterparts. In reference to other shopping centers, stores or spaces, it is likely items are found to be mass produced or manufactured keeping a relatively low cost. This reflects on the quality of name brands following through to store brand materials. If you are seeking a charismatic attention to detail with a luxuriant appeal, specialty stores or the upper crust of the retail world are your better bets.

Overall Sales

To entice consumers, stores and companies will run sales and have a supply and demand for the impulse shoppers. Racks and aisles are strategically propped to catch your eye with up to date fashions, sale signs or must have necessities. The next time you venture out, you may notice the effects on some of your favorite stores. 

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