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The Role of Restaurants Within the Retail Industry

Restaurants have for many years played a major role in the retail industry. It has not mattered whether the retail industry has been located in a high street, or in a shopping mall, the concentration of shops is always accompanied by restaurants both large and small.

Shopping can take time and during a visit to retail outlets people enjoy being able to purchase either a coffee or a full meal. The range of refreshments available in shopping areas is vast and the numbers that survive simply reflect the money that is spent within them every day.

The full English Breakfast

The traditional high street has always had cafes and bakeries. The café has been the home to the “working man” for years and is somewhere people would head tom when they wanted a meal for a low price. The most famous were the full Traditional English breakfasts. Everything a hungry shopper would want on a plate including eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried bread and beans all washed down with a mug of tea.

Bakeries were also a major feature of the high street. These are the home to sandwiches, pastries and cakes. People would come and take-away the produce from the shop. They are still popular today in the new malls although they have been made to work hard for their custom by the emergence of the coffee houses.

If ever there has been an example of the Europeanization of the United Kingdom it has been in the recent trend of the population becoming a nation of coffee drinkers. Go to any shopping mall or high street in the country and one can see the number of coffee houses in operation. There are many and there has been a huge recent battle between the big two, Starbucks and Costa Coffee, to win the majority of the customers.

The cake display at Costa Coffee

Starbucks were created in Seattle in 1971 and are one of the biggest coffee houses in the world. They once dominated the British market, but their position has been threatened by the British company Costa coffee. Costa coffee were established in 1971 and their concentration on the quality of their cakes and other eateries has resulted in them getting more customers than their rivals in the UK.

The malls and high streets are now home to the fast food outlets. The range is huge with their being burger restaurants, chicken restaurants, pizza restaurants and even ice cream restaurants. The choice of food is vast with huge competition among then major outlets. There also higher end restaurants where customers pay a higher price for their food. The shopping areas are also home to food from different countries with restaurants from China, Thailand, India and Japan all proving popular.

One of the popular features of shopping malls in Asia are the food courts. They usually occupy large area and have a big number of different food stalls. There is a kiosk where people purchase a credit card and on it they can buy as much credit as they want. They then visit the different stalls paying for the food they want with their card. It is a cheap way for people to taste a great variety of food.

The other popular areas for people to eat when they go shopping in Asia is in the local markets. There are many markets available close to the major shopping areas which attracts local people. This means the food, as well as being delicious, is cheap. People will combine shopping for goods to take home with sitting down and having a decent meal.

There is a close relationship between refreshments and retail shopping. Many of the major stores even have their own cafes and restaurants. Their intention is to keep the customers in their stores for as long as possible. Where ever shops and stores are located the restaurants and cafes will follow. The numbers of potential customers that are attracted to an area create business opportunities that are too good to be missed.

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